exlabesa UK

Doncaster, the beginning of exlabesa internationalization 

After several decades of national development, exlabesa decided to enter the international market in 2001, purchasing one of the oldest aluminum extrusion factories in the UK, located in the historic city of Doncaster. The origins of the city date back to pre-Roman times, gaining importance in the Middle Ages, as the city was listed as one of 28 cities in the UK during that period.

Presently, the city, located in the southern part of the island’s interior, is considered to be a communication center, having a population of over 100,000 inhabitants and a consolidated industry. Doncaster is well connected to the rest of the UK due to its proximity to the M1, M18, M62 and A1 motorways. Furthermore, an excellent rail infrastructure and an international airport are also highlighted.

Due to all these reasons, exlabesa did not hesitate to acquire control of the Kaye Aluminium manufacturing site, a company established in 1956 and present in Doncaster since 1972, which was later renamed exlabesa Extrusion Ltd.

The factory facilities not only enabled the development of aluminum solutions intended mainly for the construction industry, but also became one of the main seats of exlabesa Building Systems Ltd, which aims to design and develop aluminum systems for architecture. At the same time, they meet the high demand for profiles for the engineering and transport industry. exlabesa Extrusion Doncaster Ltd. operates globally and serves both the British market and Europe.



  • 2 extrusion lines 3500 and 1600 tones
  • Alloys: 6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6101 and 6463
  • 1 vertical coating line 
  • 1 anodizing line from AA5 to AA25 natural
  • 1 polyamide assembly line
  • 1 processing line
  • Qualicoat and Syntha Pulvin certification
  • Quality certificate ISO 19001:2015

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