The 9 coating plants (with Qualicoat and QM certificates) with which we have in exlabesa will allow you to customize your projects with an unlimited range of colors

Powder Coating

The Aluminium powder coating treatment is a special procedure for protecting the surface of aluminium profiles with a layer of powder applied paint.

First of all, the profiles pass through the pre-treatment tunnel for a cleaning process and obtain a conversion layer for the adhesion of the paint.

At the exit of the pre-treatment tunnel and before passing to the paint booths, they pass through the drying oven to eliminate the remains of water.

In the spray booth, the profiles are sprayed with polyester resin powder.

Once in the polymerization oven, the thermosetting of the resin is carried out, reaching a temperature of 200ºC.

In Exlabesa we have 9 lacquered plants, horizontal and vertical, that allow us to offer an unlimited range of colors with the maximum guarantee provided by the Qualicoat certificate. 

  • 6 vertical powder coating lines: length 8000 mm
  • 3 lines of horizontal powder coating: length 14 000x2500 mm
  • 2 lines wood imitation coating
  • 1 coating veneered line
  • Maximum coating length: 14 000mm
  • Finishes: polish, matt, textured
  • Wide range of colors of the RAL chart, outside the RAL chart and imitation of wood finish
  • Annual production capacity: 45 000 MT of coating profiles