In exlabesa we put at your disposal 24 aluminium extrusion presses to ensure that your most demanding projects are made in time and form wherever they are located


Aluminium extrusion is a mechanical process consisting of the transformation of large solid blocks, of various alloys, into long profiles of a defined cross section.

The raw material is heated and pressed by a piston through a tempered steel matrix with a central hole that corresponds to the shape of the resulting profile.

After this process, the stretching, cutting and cooling tasks are carried out, necessary to obtain the characteristics of resistance and rigidity of the final product.

exlabesa currently has 24 aluminium extrusion presses, ranging from 13 MN to 65 MN. This capacity places us as one of the world's leaders in the sector and allows us to meet the needs of extruded aluminium in all its applications, being able to manufacture fully customized profiles tailored to each project. To this we must add the flexibility and dynamism of our production system that allows us to have a production capacity of 200 000 MT per year.

  • 24 extrusion presses from 13 MN to 65 MN
  • Maximum length of extruded profile: 26 000 mm
  • Diameter: from 8mm to a maximum of 700 mm
  • Maximum weight per profile: up to 80 kg/m
  • Alloys: 1070, 3103, 5049, 6060, 6012, 6063, 6005, 6061, 6082, 6101, 6106
  • Annual production capacity: 200 000 MT
  • Standardized profiles